South African Rand Converter


LTCt has 12 years experience, ensuring that you will get the most out of your time in the Cape.

Our philosophy is simple, “ensuring our guests leave the Cape, desiring to come back”.

What makes LTCt different from all the others? We believe in giving back! All involved in LTCt believe the children of South Africa need all the support and guidance possible to continue building on the Foundations laid by President Nelson Mandela.

For South Africa to keep on improving and becoming a successful country the children really are the future.

So how do we give back? Simple for every tour you book LTCt will donate 10% to Charity. LTCt supports 2 Charities both involved with children; Camp Son shine and Home from Home. LTCt will be delighted to take you to visit either or both of the charities whilst you are on tour with us (so YOU can see how YOU have helped the children of Cape Town).

So to sum up, you will not only have the time of your life with LTCt but you will be making a difference to the life of the children of Cape Town.

Now go book your tours!